Friday, 24 March 2017

Making the Right Choices for Your Life

Why Christian Education? #14 Young people are faced with tough choices these days.   The empty philosophies of this world with their high-sounding nonsense are vying to take them captive, the lure of money and possessions is clamoring for their attention, and immoral distractions are everywhere.  How can a young person make the right choices for his life?  How can a young person find success and yet keep his way pure?   The Bible makes it very clear and simple:  remembering God’s Word and following its instruction.  That’s also the secret for long life and prosperity according to Proverbs 3:1-2.  Each day God’s Word is proclaimed and it is the under girding of every English, Social Studies, or Science lesson taught at VCS.  That’s why we’re here at Valley Christian School … to assist you in the Godly training of your children … during the school hours of every day and to come alongside you and your church in this all important task.  

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